All kind of practical and good to know information

01 Where do Zouba Tours go?

We go to remote places all over Yunnan, but more particularly in the south and west of the province. We prefer remote places because we want travel to benefit the local people and not some big company cashing in on the tourist business. In those remote places we have much better chances to get into interesting interaction with locals, enjoy pure nature and scenery and encounter some unique traditions. We can pick you up in the more well-known places and handle itineraries around the main spots in all the famous tourist places in Yunnan. But for several reasons, we’ll never really be on the “beaten path”.

map by Matthew Hartzell.

02 What do you mainly focus on?

We focus the rich history of the area. We’ll get into all the relevant stories depending on where we go. Yunnan is home to some very exciting historical phenomena like the Tea-Horse Road and Southern Silk Routes (like the “Burma Road”).

We focus on immersion into local lifestyle. Because we believe that’s the most relevant kind of traveling. Culturally, Yunnan is the most diverse province of China. We are really gonna taste and experience that diversity.

We enjoy the fantastic local nature. On the foot of the Himalayas and flowing into the sub-tropics of Southeast Asia, the Yunnannese geography is one of the most interesting and diverse in the world.

03 What are the possible activities?

We eat awesome foods that we have never seen and learn where it comes from and how it is prepared.

We’ll communicate and exchange with friendly and curious locals.

We’ll have a look at local ways of agriculture. Think ancient tea groves and impressive structures of rice terraces.

If possible, we’ll be doing some outdoor activities to experience our surroundings.

We’ll look at all kinds of beautiful historical architecture, unique to China nowadays.

We’ll enjoy the contrast of old and new China, rural and urban and get an extensive introduction to the current situation.

We’ll use every minute in Yunnan to make it our most valuable travel experience to date.

04 What kind of accommodation can I expect?

Yunnan is probably home to a few of the world’s most greasy hotels. We won’t stay in those. But there are very reasonable 2/3-star lodging options out there for our kind of “discomfort” class. For the old-fashioned adventurists we can also provide camping material for nights in the jungle.

For the majority of the Zouba Tours, we’ll stay in very clean hotels all the way through. We are able to get you to remote places throughout the itinerary while staying in high standard rooms. We might even stay in historical relevant buildings like 19th century courtyards or antique trader guesthouses. We occasionally stay in hotels with attached hot-spring facilities, because Yunnan there are lots of those all over Yunnan. Most of the hotels have swimming pools.

There are a few high-end resorts in the province for our maximum comfort level.

05 What kind of food can I expect?

You can expect the best food Yunnan has to offer. We’ll try to treat you to a local pallete which is as diverse as possible.

06 What’s the main form of transport we’ll use?

We’ll always travel in safe and new vans with professional drivers who have years of experience. The roads will mostly be good, sometimes a little bumpy, but it will always be worth it.

07 What is the ideal group size for the trips?

To keep things personal we prefer groups of 3 up to 10 people. Occasionally, we do groups up to 20, but those won’t be as personal, and won’t feature all the activities promoted above.

08 When should we visit Yunnan?

Because Yunnan is so diverse, any time is a good time to visit the province. We can adjust our activities to any kind of local circumstances.

09 Is there any shopping involved?

We’ll only shop in unofficial non-touristy places, because we want our purchases to benefit the local communities. Products include the best tea in the world, unique minority handicrafts, jungle honey, all kinds of wild herbs and roots, and many more.

10 We have kids and/or seniors in our group is that a problem?

We have traveled with people under 1 and over 75 years of age.

11 What things should I take on my trip to Yunnan?

• Sunscreen

• Mosquito repellent

• Sandals

• Thin raincoat

• Long pants for hiking

• Swimming stuff

• Strong and quick-drying outdoor clothing

• Strong hiking shoes

• Some small presents for visits to remote villages in the form of local delicacies or souvenirs

• Hat to protect you from the sun

• Sunglasses

• Earplugs (if you’re a light sleeper)

• Basic first aid-kit

• Please don’t bring anti-malaria tablets. Yunnan is NOT a malaria area.