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Conscious, Active Eco-Tourism Southwest China.
Try to imagine most vivid memory of your last trip abroad. Was it an encounter with a flamboyant local, or a street dish with a mind-blowing taste? Was it a smell, a sight or a taste?

When we dug into Southwest China’s remotest corners, we mostly tasted sweat, dirt and lukewarm karaoke beer. After gradually developing a more complex palate, we began discovering some tastes that were worth sharing.

We started to create private expeditions and small group journeys, with a focus on China’s Southwest. Our activities aim to maximally benefit everyone involved; both the traveler, the locals and the environment.

“We work together with colorful local partners to let you relive local stories by experiencing engaging means of travel, the quaintest hotels and the most memorable food, landscapes and stories.”

What people say

  • "We spent four days with Matt Hartzell who works with Zouba tours. Matt was very knowledgeable (Harvard, Penn State grad) about the cities we visited and the history of the province and China. This helped us better understand Yunnan and its strategic importance as the gateway to Vietnam, Thailand and other SE Asian countries. We particularly enjoyed the hike through the wet rice terraces, seeing the local markets and ethnic people, and all the terrific Yunnan food. Matt arranged for us to visit cities off the beaten track, he has studied the area at length and it shows in his respect for the people and his enthusiasm for guiding you through experiences you would never know about left to your own tour books. We visited a PUR tea farm, a tofu factory and an old museum of photographs taken years ago. We got around by driving through Yunnan in a mini-van, and sleeping/eating at interesting hotels and Matt's/Frank's favorite restaurants. If you want to know about the heart and soul of the middle kingdom, this is where the beat starts. Don't miss it."
    Patty Chan
    September 2014
  • “As you know I had the great privilege of flying twice into space, once aboard ‘Columbia’ and once aboard ‘Discovery’. My third favorite trip (over these now 75 years) was the touring we did with you through Yunnan. What an extraordinary adventure and what great experiences! Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
    Joseph P. Allen
    Washington D.C.
  • "We got to SEE, HEAR, SMELL, TASTE and TOUCH nature in its full beauty. We enjoyed every minute and highly recommend traveling with Frank and Yang Xiao - both are smart, easy going and super friendly. Till next time!"
    Hava Kelman
    December 2015
  • "We visited many local families and we had the unique opportunity to talk to the locals with Frank keenly translating. I would say a perfect cultural experience. I appreciate that he does responsible and environmentally friendly tourism. Would recommend this 100%"
    Nicholas Earle
    February 2014
  • "Frank spoke *our* language and culture, and the language and culture of our hosts. Spending time with Frank was a treat. He introduced us to his Chinese world, took us to eat at places we would never have found on our own, caused to happen spontaneous experiences that we would never have stumbled into. And all the while, he translated what we were experiencing into cultural terms we could understand. If you have the opportunity to tour Yunnan with Frank, take it! And be sure to eat stinky tofu!!"
    Robbie Burnstine
    November 2015

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